Grant Park

My mom took me and my older sister, Claire, to Grant Park in downtown Atlanta for the Food-O-Rama festival, and as expected, we ate a ton of food. When we first arrived, we made a loop around Grant Park to check out all of the food trucks before making any purchases, but after passing by a number of food trucks with grilled cheese, I had to buy some.

While my mom bought three lobster tacos, I went to buy some grilled cheese and chips, and Claire bought fish ‘n chips. Once all three of us met up again, we stood for awhile enjoying the warm afternoon and feeling grateful for the delicious foods before us. Then we strolled through the park some more and eventually landed near a line-up of cute indie booths. One of the shops had minerals of all colours, shapes, and sizes laid out; another had pieces of artwork designed on mugs and tote bags. But finally, Claire and I each purchased a lip balm from a booth called “Forest Things,” which was selling lip balms composed of organic plants handpicked around Georgia.

After digesting our lunches, we walked another loop around the park and bought some desserts, aside from my mom who went for some grilled cheese as well. Claire bought a crepe from Crepe Suzette, which in her words were, “Authentic. And just absolutely delicious.” I went for a cherry Italian Ice from Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice, and wow. It tasted like a mix between a sno cone and a sorbet. Unlike a sno cone, the cherry flavour was manufactured with shaved ice beforehand, making it ten times more enjoyable!


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