Hello! My name is Elizabeth, and I am in grade 10. I live in Atlanta, Georgia but was born in Toronto, Canada to Chinese immigrants. I am very fortunate to live in a first-world country with such advanced technologies that allow me to share my opinions and communicate with individuals on this platform.

Journalism. I discovered my passion for journalism by becoming a part of the Newspaper staff at my high school. I love having the ability to spread the awareness about issues that are important to me through monthly editions of the paper. Aside from being a part of my school newspaper, this blog allows me to write articles about current events and keep both of us informed about local and global events.

Mental health. I am also extremely passionate about mental health awareness after facing struggles with depression and anxiety at a young age and helping my friends as they faced their own struggles. I strongly encourage people to talk about mental health in an effort to reduce the stigma that is associated with it.

I manage a Twitter account (@ADmentalhealth) to spread the awareness about the importance mental well-being and encourage individuals to educate themselves about various mental disorders.

Aside from my interests in journalism and mental health advocacy, I am a member of the Air Rifle team, participating in matches at high schools all around Atlanta. I am also an attorney on the Mock Trial team and the Secretary of the non-profit organization, Pencils of Promise. I am interested in seeing where this blog will take us, and I hope you all are as excited as I am to begin this adventure!